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15 Day Song Lyrics Challenge

Day 15: Your favorite lyrics of all time.

*I have a few.

1. “You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.

Imagine by John Lennon

2. “Like a moth to a flame, burned by the fire. My love is blind, can’t you see my desire?

That’s the Way Love Goes by Janet Jackson

3. “I got a big, big, big, big, heartbeat, yeah I think you are the sweetest thing.

The Purple Bottle by Animal Collective

4. “I needed somewhere to hang my head
Without your noose
You gave me something that I didn’t have
But had no use
I was too weak to give in
Too strong to lose

My heart is under arrest again
But I’ll break loose
My head is giving me life or death
But I can’t choose
I swear I’ll never give in
I refuse

Is someone getting the best
The best, the best, the best of you?
Is someone getting the best
The best, the best, the best of you?

Best of You by Foo Fighters

5. “Why you wanna blame me for your troubles?
Ah ah ah you better learn your lesson yourself.
Nobody ever has to find out what’s in my mind tonight.
Nobody ever has to find out what’s in my mind tonight.

Undertow by Warpaint

6. “Oh Dear, can’t you see? It’s them, it’s not me. We’re not enemies; we just disagree.”

Is This It by The Strokes

7. “Is this real life? Is this just fantasy? Caught in a landslide, no escape from reality. Open your eyes, look up to the skies and see.

Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen

8. “I get so breathless when you call my name. I’ve often wondered, do you feel the same? There’s a chemistry, energy, our synchronicity when we’re all alone. So don’t tell me you can’t see what I’m thinking of.

Breathless by Corinne Bailey Rae

15 Day Song Lyrics Challenge

Day 14: Lyrics that describe your life right now

Now I’m ready to start
I would rather be wrong
Than live in the shadows of your song
My mind is open wide
And now I’m ready to start
Your mind surely opened the door
To step out into the dark
Now I’m ready.

Ready to Start by Arcade Fire

Two Words: Senior Year.

15 Day Song Lyrics Challenge

Day 13: Lyrics from a song you can’t stand

Hey soul sister, ain’t that mister mister on the radio, stereo.

The way you move ain’t fair you know

Hey soul sister, I don’t wanna miss a single thing you do tonight.

Hey, Soul Sister by Train

15 Day Song Lyrics Challenge

Day 12: The strangest lyrics you’ve ever heard.

To catch a monster
We make a movie
Set the tempo
And cut and cut its brains out
It will inspire on the burning pyre
Half the distance
Half the motion
It’s easy as the ocean

Of Moons, Birds, and Monsters by MGMT.

These lyrics are random, if anything. But, strange nonetheless. Animal Collective has stranger lyrics but this just felt right for this category.

15 Day Song Lyrics Challenge

Day 11: Lyrics that make you wanna get up and dance

"Hey, DJ keep playing that song all night on and on and on."

Hey Mr. DJ by Zhane

This song belongs on every ultimate 90’s party mix.

15 Day Song Lyrics Challenge

Day 10: The Dirtiest Lyrics You’ve Ever Heard

The entire My Neck, My Back song by Khia.


Pull My Hair by Ying Yang Twins.

Look them up at your own discretion.

15 Day Song Lyrics Challenge

Day 9: The meanest lyrics you’ve ever heard

Cleaning Out My Closet by Eminem.

15 Day Song Lyrics Challenge

Day 8: Random Lyrics

I’ve been eating with a good friend who said
'A Genii made me out of the earth's skin'
But in spite of her she is my birth kin
She spits me out in her surly blood rivers
All the people life lurking in dominions of a hot Turk dish
If the elephants be reaching for our purses
Then meet me after the world with the shivers

'What's the day?'
'What's you doing?'
'How's your food?'
'How's that song?'
Man, it passes right by me it’s behind me, now it’s gone
I can’t lift you up cause my mind is tired, it’s family beaches that I desire
That sacred night where we watched the fireworks
They frightened the babies and you know they’ve got two flashing eyes
And if they are color blind, they make me feel, that you’re only what I see sometimes.

Fireworks by Animal Collective

15 Day Song Lyrics Challenge

Day 7: The deepest/most meaningful lyrics you’ve ever heard

"I, I can’t take things slowly 
Come let away that’s what they all do
Help me ‘cause I’m feeling shaky 
Tell me what’s wrong with my brain
'Cause I've seem to have lost it

'Cause I am afraid of the light 
Yeah you know what I mean
And I can’t sleep alone at night
yeah you know what I mean

Lonely, that’s not quite my problem
I have all that I need, haven’t quite lost it
I try so hard to be happy
'Cause something goes wrong once again

Please, please come and save me
Tell me what’s wrong with my brain
'Cause I've seem to have lost it.”

You Know What I Mean by Cults

When I first heard this song, I couldn’t stop listening to it.


I believe that marriage isn’t 
between a man & woman 
but between love and love 
and i believe you when you say that 
you’ve lost all faith 
but you must believe in something 
something something 
you gotta believe in something 
something something 

I still believe in man 
a wise one asked me why
cause i just don’t believe we’re wicked 
i know that we sin but i do believe we try 
we all try 
the girls try 
the boys try 
women try 
men try 
you and i 
try try we all try.”

We All Try by Frank Ocean

I couldn’t stop listening to this when I heard it either.

Maybe these songs aren’t the deepest I’ve heard, but these are ones that I keep on repeat right now.

15 Day Song Lyrics Challenge

Day 6: Lyrics that remind you of your best memory.

When we were kids, we handpainted strawberries on a swing. Every moment was so precious then. I’m still kicking it, I’m daydreaming on a strawberry swing…. I should say and you should hear, I loved the good times here.

Strawberry Swing by Frank Ocean

This song reminds me of all the good times my older sister and I had when we were growing up. We are getting older and older, and those days seem so far away. Even though we are closer than ever now, those were the days. This song also references an incident that occurred when I was younger that involves a swing. Good Times.